Is Pressure Really Such a Bad Thing?

Extreme pressure causes heat.  That’s what I learned in geology back in…uh…some arbitrary school class in which I was obviously paying close attention.  According to the activity of my sweat glands, extreme pressure must cause a lot of heat with me too.

I don’t like it.  Life expectations, responsibilities, and the fear of letting others down…I don’t like it.

People respond to pressure in different ways, and some are more resilient than others.  But sometimes I just feel like I’m going to buckle, and I want to escape it all.

But as unpleasant as pressure can be, I’m wondering what life would be like if I didn’t have it.  I wonder if I’d lack drive and accomplishment.  I wonder if I’d end up bored with life.  The goodness of life that I enjoy, would it still be there?

Like anything, balance is in order…but perhaps pressure isn’t exactly the demon I make it out to be.


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