What’s Your Next Step?

Life is an escalator.

Rising higher can prove fast and easy when the steps are moving up by the strength of their own motor.  Sometimes life just has it’s own upward momentum.  Things are going your way.

But then the escalator breaks and we have to do it by ourselves.  Oh well…I guess it could be worse.

But then it does. get. worse.

Life’s escalator gets moving again, but in the opposite direction.  It’s strength is pulling us down and we’re trying to get to the next floor.  The next stage.  New heights in our faith, in our marriage, at our jobs.

But whether we’re climbing with the flow of momentum when all is well or every day is a fight against an Adversary that just seems to be against us, each require us to simply take that next step…to keep climbing.

What’s your next step?


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