Are You Sharing?

Eat an entire package of Oreo’s, and you’ll be sick.  Bag of chips?  Same.  How about a large pizza?  Yep, that too.  And when you’re on that 8th slice, it may dawn on you that  these things were created for more than just you.  They were created precisely so they would be shared.  It’s simple math, really.  The more people digging their greasy hands into a bag of chips, the faster it’s gone and and quicker someone will run out and buy another bag…maybe even two the next time around.

You’re also meant to be shared.

There’s just too much creativity, intellect, ability, and humor to waste it all on…well, you.  Sure, God wants us to be in community with one another because we aren’t meant to be alone, but have you considered the other side of the coin?  Have you considered that God created you precisely so that you can be shared?  That someone out there needs you?

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