What’s Better: Freedom or Success?

Some of us have fallen into a hole and simply decided to make our home there.

When it comes to our goals and aspirations, any headway, small victory, or step forward feels really, really good.  It affirms our abilities and confirms our direction.  You can just feel the waters of dissonance calm within you as the encouragement of success removes (at least for a day) your inner critic that has wondered if you’re good enough or on the right track.

But what was the cost of your success?  And what has your success trained you to do?

Do you forego honesty to tell people what they want to hear, or integrity for the sake of an impression?  Are you piecing together angles?  Are you wheeling and dealing?  Have you resolved to manipulate your way through life because it’s the path of least resistance (at least in the short term)?

Some of us have built our ‘success’ on such behavior to the point where they wouldn’t be able to get out even if they wanted to.  So they have some furniture lowered into the hole they dug themselves into and make their home, waiting for retirement in order to do what they feel called to do.

Don’t be that person.  Live a life of integrity, for better or worse.  Freedom is better than success.

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