Could You Survive With Another Person On An Island?

Some married couples prefer to be home-bodies, but only a handful in this world would totally isolate themselves.  Aside from the fact that they’d likely drive each other crazy, putting yourself on a island with someone just doesn’t mesh with the purpose of marriage and relationships.

Being together in marriage means that you live life and engage the world together.  Most couples sit down for dinner or later and talk about their day.  It’s a tiny therapy session to let one affirm to the other: “I’m here with you.”  This kind of togetherness isn’t meant to cause an escape from the world, but to empower us as we navigate through it.

Our congregation, a largely white, largely traditional, largely large church from Cleveland Heights is preparing to merge (or marry) with a smaller, largely African-American congregation from East Cleveland.  All kinds of arrangements are being made so that we might be one church in harmony.  But the purpose for our coming together is not to be isolated, but to engage the world together.

Tonight is the first meeting of a task-force, some from our church and some from theirs, to explore a relaunch of ministry in East Cleveland after this other church’s building was condemned.  The Great Conductor has been writing this symphony, and now the musicians are being assembled.  My prayer is that we discover a new and exciting purpose together to build our marriage on, because our coming together is not for ourselves but a greater purpose.


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