How Generous Is God?

Last Sunday I preached on the parable of the 11th hour worker (that’s our description…it wasn’t literally the 11th hour).  The beef of those that slaved all day in the hot sun was that the workers who barely clocked in for an hour got the same  amount of pay.  The all-day workers had a problem, naturally.  The landowner’s response (God?) is poignant.

“…or are you envious that I’m so generous.”

How far should we take this?  How generous is God, really?  I’ve been going rounds with a Universalist friend of mine lately, who would say that the generosity of God is so strong and so pervasive that it cannot be stopped by anyone’s sin, no matter how egregious.

What do you think?  And why?

And if you fall in line with my friend…

Is it that you really believe in that extreme generosity of God, or is it simply that you cannot reconcile the idea of Hell and punishment?


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