Spiritual Vs. Religious…What Is It Really About?

So a little debate came up on Facebook (which never happens).  It was about the somewhat recent rhetoric around peoples’ faith or relationship with God.  The debate is “spiritual vs. religious.”  It was catapulted into the forefront of people’s minds after this video went viral.  And so while the world went on as usual, the church was arguing, again, prompting videos like this.

My question is: what is this debate really about?

In my little Facebook convo, it was noted that people choosing to be spiritual but not religious are really refusing to accept what it means to be in community.  There’s something there, I think.  After all, we do live in one of the most hyper-individualistic cultures in the world.  We’re told that we’re our own boss.

“It’s my life; it’s now or never.” -Internationally renown sage and theologian Bon Jovi.

Truth is, I really want community to be there for me.  But when it comes to how I contribute to community…what I give us…how I submit…that’s another level.  Religion is a difficult thing to define, but most understandings imply that there’s more than one person involved and that always gets tricky if it’s all about us.

Is this debate really about us or you?


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