Coping with Shame?

because if you confess with your lips that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For one believes with the heart and so is justified, and one confesses with the mouth and so is saved. 11 The scripture says, “No one who believes in him will be put to shame.” (Romans 10:9-11)

I’ve been reading up on shame lately.  If you’re into the whole soul-slapping, ego-checking type of literature check out Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.  Essentially, we all have shame so long as we live mortal lives.  It is unavoidable.  The difference for some people is how they cope.

What great freedom there is, then, that in Jesus Christ we don’t have to put on a hard hat and promote ourselves to Shame Manager.  Not only are our sins blotted out; He also wipes away our shame.  If I can consume this truth, I know that it will effect so much: my confidence, my strength, my ability to love.

So how much do you struggle with shame?  Don’t cope.  Believe.

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