Don’t You Love Traffic Jams?

On the highway you’ve set your ‘coast’ function and you’re riding smoothly.  To your great delight (sarcasm if you don’t know me yet) you come upon a traffic jam, one of life’s great annoyances.  Your schedule has been interrupted by a bottle-neck of hot carbon, the occasional honking of horns, and constant dashing of hopes that you finally might be free as you start and stop and start…and stop again.

Life can so easily become this traffic jam.

But in a world of chaos, God brings order.  God’s constancy is a foundation upon which any life can be built, and it’s free…peace-filled…rest-for-my-soul.  Each step is under control, but not mine or yours.

How does the constancy of God effect you?  The way you breath?  The way your walk?  The way you plan?

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