Do You See a Storm Brewing?

Last week I was sitting outside of a Starbucks, drinking my coffee and sermonizing.  It was a particularly beautiful day, shaming anyone who preferred to be inside.  To my right, a couple of middle-aged ladies talking about life in what seemed to be their weekly routine.  To my left, a business meeting of sorts.  I’m not sure about the forecast, but it had stormed the past couple days and the threatening clouds gave the impression we were in for another round.  A cumulonimbus darkened the sky…enough for everyone high-tail it back inside.

Me?  I decided to wait it out.

There are many who read the signs, diagnose the situation, and make their move.  Then…there are some who wait it out.  It’s a risky approach to life and full of failure, but every once in a while the payoff is huge.  Perhaps, for you, it’s tempting to run back to the comfortable.  You can see a storm brewing.

But, what would it look like if you risked enough to wait it out?  On that day outside Starbucks I did…and not a drop of rain.


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