Fear of Failure…Will It Really Be That Bad?

Below is a Facebook post from my friend and colleague Chip Freed.  I appreciated it because I struggle a lot with the fear of failure.  The question rolling in my heart is “So what if I fail?”  It strikes me, then, that in nearly every case my fear is bigger than reality.  It simply won’t be as bad I think.

From today’s message, we are afraid because we are all clinging to little life rafts that are not God… afraid that if we let go of them we’ll sink. Fear is always attached to our idols. Here is my note to myself regarding my “fear of failure.” For those who requested it, here it is…

“Why am I afraid of failure? Do I live by my performance or by the grace of Jesus Christ? Have I gotten this far by my efforts, my smarts and my discipline, or have I come here sheerly by the grace and righteousness of Christ? What if God is calling me to fail anyway? So what… I’ve got his love, his kindness, his forgiveness and his grace; and if am called to fail here, he will only use this failure to prepare me for something that he knows is better for me. My worthiness is not in my success. The reason that I am scared is that I have held on to this life raft, but Jesus is my real security.”

Fear not!


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