What Does Pro Life Really Mean?

When my wife worked for a Christian-based pregnancy center, which helped pregnant women with various needs during pregnancy in hopes to sway them away from choosing abortion, she grew frustrated at the rhetoric of donors.  While she had a deep desire to especially care for these (mostly young) mothers after having a child, people with the dollars mostly just wanted to ‘save the babies.’  Pro-Life means just that; and it must extend through…well…life.

Chris Christie agrees, but he’s harping on the prison system.

This argument is why I’m against capital punishment.  My views were put to the test recently by a friend on Facebook.



In the Bible, way back in the first book, Genesis, Cain kills his brother Able –the first murder.  When God confronts him, asking him where his brother is, Cain replys: “Am I my brother’s keeper?”  In the reply Cain tells on himself.  The implication of the text is yes, we are our brothers’ and sisters’ keeper.  Way later, Jesus challenges to “love your neighbor as yourself.”  He even tells us to love our enemies for God’s sake.  We are in one another’s care.

From the Christian perspective, there is a distinction between what we do and who we are.  We love people outside of what they do or have done because all life is precious to God.  It doesn’t mean that we forgo ethics and morals, or ignore what is done wrong.  But in the universal sense, a human life is a precious thing.

Does this take away the complexities of hot-button issues like capital punishment, abortion, gay rights?  Of course not.  But maybe an expanded definition of ‘Pro-Life’ might help.


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