How Do Dreams Become Reality?

When I was in late elementary school my dad let me help him and others help to build a deck on the back of the house.  Hammering nails seemed like a manageable task, so after a quick tutorial I was ready to whack away.  Strength was more important than precision for a boy looking to impress his dad, so it wasn’t until the nail-head was almost down before I would realize that the nail wasn’t straight.  No big deal, I thought.  So with a few side swings and a final blow to bury the nail-head the mistake was covered well enough.  Five rows of lumber in, someone finally noticed; and back I went to uproot each nail and start fresh to do it the right way.

You might have the future in your sights, but your big plans aren’t built all at once.  You begin with, and continue each day with, a conversation, a meeting, one question, one nail.  Without focus on these details, you may never see yourself heading in the trajectory of your goals.

Dreaming is fine.  No, it’s a great thing.  But we just can’t kick and scream until we get them fulfilled.  We need to do the work to get things moving in that direction; bit by bit, nail by nail, one conversation at a time.

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