How do we move forward?

You know when you have a giant argument over a small thing? Through the course of the shouting, you realize that there are many layers to the hard feelings that you share with the other person.

I have been thinking about the tragedy of Michael Brown’s death and the protests in Ferguson Missouri. I was thinking to myself: I think it’s high time we figure out what really happened. But the longer these protests drag on, it will distract us from a clear, objective investigation, probably from federal officials.

But then I realized that, like many arguments that I have had with other people, there probably is a whole host of events that have led to this struggle. A history of oppression, bigotry, racism, and division.

How do we move forward? How do we break this cycle? For Ferguson Missouri, I really don’t know the answer. Nationally? I don’t have any answers either. What I do know is that I have the answers in my own life . I can choose to break down barriers. I can choose to love people the way God does. That may not make a big difference on a national scale but I think it still does make a difference, and that’s enough.


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