What Is a Rule of Life?

At Catalyst last night I challenged everyone to spend time establishing a Rule of Life.  I gave them a tool for their discernment, a chart that contains four quadrants from two perpendicular continuum.  It’s….uh….well, maybe it’s just better that I show you…


Like the napkin?  Anyways, this chart was simply taken from the Greatest Commandment in Matthew 22.  What’s this Christianity thing summed up as?  Love God.  Love People.  And…we live this commandment out in two ways, personally and corporately.

The task, then, was to fill in a few examples in each quadrant.  In the upper, left quadrant, for example, you would list some examples of what it looks like to love God personally.  For me it was:

  1. Set aside each morning for prayer (typically 30min to 1hr).
  2. Seek solitude for contemplation, clarity, and prayer.
  3. Practice rest when at all possible.

In this blog this week I’m going to talk through each of the quadrants in hopes to discover a Rule of Life.

So…morning prayer.  As a Christian it’s important that I pray, but more than that I want to be a person of prayer.  I’m a morning person, so I’m going with morning prayer.  And I need time to do it, to filter the craziness in my mind.  I also need tools, like a journal or a prayer guide (I recommend Handbook to Prayer by Kenneth Boa).  But the most important part is that I do this each day, because each day is filled with enough joy and difficulty all on its own.

Solitude is an important way for me to connect with God.  My life is busy and filled with one activity after another.  To love God is to retreat away, even just for a couple hours.  A place with a view helps.

And practicing rest.  Here’s the thing; I’m my worst self when I’m burned out and tired.  God instituted the Sabbath for a reason.  We need rest.

Prayer, Solitude, and Rest.  3 ways I can order my life to love God more.

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