What Is a Rule of Life? (part 2)

In creating a Rule of Life, yesterday I explained what that looked like for me when it comes to Loving God personally.  Today I’m looking at what it means to Love God corporately.

Worship.  Corporate worship to me is the ultimate expression of loving God.  I’ve been in churches and worship services that draw caution to being too emotive or too expressive, leaving all that for the charismatics.  But if we are to love God, how can we not do that with our emotions?  Music is emotive.  Meaningful messages trigger emotion.  So to me, to love God is to show devotion in a corporate worship setting.

Small Groups.  To me loving God is synonymous with growing deeper in my relationship with God.  And there is no better avenue to do this than to meet in a small group with people for prayer, encouragement, and accountability.

One-on-One.  Though this isn’t ‘corporate,’ it certainly pushes me beyond the personal.  I meet with someone in a trusted relationship to share everything…I mean everything.  We pray, challenge one another, and make sure that we’re still on the right path.  I also seek guidance and wisdom from a mentor when I can.  This one-on-one helps me to learn and soak in the depth of experience and wisdom in life and in my relationship with God.


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