What Is a Rule of Life (part 3)

I was a little side-tracked last week and wasn’t able to continue sharing my Rule of Life series of posts.  Last week I shared how I’m intending to love God and love people on a personal level.  So I’ll pick back up and explain to you how I’m intending to love God and love people on a corporate level.

First…loving God corporately.  The obvious is corporate worship.  It’s just what Christians do…well, sort of.  Statistics are showing that people’s definition of ‘active,’ as in being active in their faith, is less than the standard weekly attendance.  These days it’s common for families to only come twice, even once per month.  But to me it actually takes more willpower to attend worship in this way.  Left to my feelings on a Sunday morning or evening and whether I was up for going, I might opt for Bedside Baptist.  But a routine of corporate worship as a woven thread in my life is easier.  I just go.  And even if I really don’t want to before, I’m nearly 100% glad I went after.

Another is an extension of worship –mission and service.  If I’m honest, my heart only bleeds like a paper cut.  But one of the best expressions of loving God is stepping forward and declaring, “Here I am…send me.”  Sure, I can do this all on my own and it takes a great deal of personal commitment.  But the saying is true: two heads are better than one, and there is great power in being in mission and service together.

Finally there is accountability.  The goodness that exudes from my life, speech, and attitude, as little as it may be, is only a reflection of God’s goodness.  And so loving God more means to reflect more of that goodness.  Those that know me know that I reflect the goodness of God perfectly through sheer will power and faithfulness (pay no attention to my growing nose).  No, I need the help of others lovingly spurring me on toward a righteousness that shines God’s glory.

That’s what I’ve got!  Tune in (hopefully) tomorrow to get the final post in this series on loving people corporately.


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