Do You Care?

Most of us would say that we care about the troubles of the world.  We care about the Middle East.  We care about poverty and homelessness.  We care about food shortage and education.  And when those concerns effect us directly, we’re likely to act.  We’ll join the school board when our child’s education is at stake.  We’ll raise the grocery budget to give our families healthier options.

But there is another layer to caring, one that goes beyond the scope of your life.  They are the concerns of people that you don’t know, but you know they are there and you know they are suffering.  We care about their plight, but perhaps we’re unsure what to do about it.

The thing is, people in need depend upon your concern manifesting into something.  So what is that?  How should our concern manifest?

It’s important to also realize our limits — to know that we can’t allow our concern for all things to manifest.  We are not God.  But perhaps we have been sitting on a concern, overwhelmed at the idea of taking action but unable to throw it out of our hearts and minds.

Take that leap…God is with you.


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