Are You Doing Enough?

Christianity is about sacrifice.  Jesus tells a story about rich young man who wanted to know the bare minimum of requirements to get into heaven.  Jesus responds with an astronomical task: to sell all his things, give away all his wealth, and to follow Jesus.

This radical call of Jesus can be as overwhelming as it is thrilling.  When does the giving stop?  Is God never satisfied?  And should I live this Christian life with a cloud of guilt over my head, reminding me that I’ve not measured up?

But this overwhelming feeling is only signifying a truth that I too often ignore: following Jesus is beyond me and my power.  The call of the rich young guy, or the example of the widow’s mite, was not to fool me into thinking that I could actually work my way to heaven.  Jesus’ bar was so high that I should know right away that it can’t be done by my power.

Christianity is about sacrifice…and grace.  Giving up his wealth would have been the most incredible thing the young man would do, the rest would be, and could only be…God.


One thought on “Are You Doing Enough?

  1. For me, Christianity is about a relationship, a personal one-on-one relationship with the Holy Spirit of Jesus. I believe that’s why Jesus advised the rich man to sell all his things, because Jesus knows that material wealth can be a distraction from Him.

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