Want to Know How to Grasp Grace?

Sometimes we remember the most random things.  I remember one day on the way to the babysitter’s.  I looked out of the car as we were driving along to see a boy younger than me sitting in the mud.  Just sitting there with mud all over.

Why I remember that, I don’t know.  All I know is that it’s the first thing that came to mind when I began to think of lament and repentance.  For whatever reason, whether it be our condition or society’s impulse, we are so quick to celebrate God’s forgiveness without first practicing repentance and lament.  We demand others’ grace before we admit our fault.  We skip over Good Friday and head right to Resurrection Sunday.

God is a forgiving God, but don’t let that prevent you from sitting in your mud for at least a little bit.  Enough for you to feel the sting, the heaviness of heart.  Enough to feel your guilt.  And I beg you to do this, not so that you can wallow in your mud for eternity, but to fully grasp your cleansing.  We understand God’s grace only within the scope of how far God has brought us to redemption.

So confess, repent, and lament.  Not forever, but enough.


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