What’s Better, People or Programs?

I’ve seen some seemingly flawless programs.  Their ability to make money, or reach people, or whatever they’re set out to do can bring in some impressive results.  What makes a good program tick?  Well you may give the Senior Leader or the person out front all the credit, but in my experience every successful program has some pretty amazing people making it happen.

In Mark 3 Jesus appoints a ragtag group of no-names to preach his Good News and cast out demons.  You know, your basic assembly line work.  Jesus seems to care less about the very real potential of these guys messing it all up, and I think I know why.  These apostles would have plenty of time to preach, reach, and heal.  Jesus was growing his leaders.

Programs aren’t bad, but they’re nothing without people.  You might fight like mad to fit your people into a program; but it’s more life-giving to fit a program to your people.


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