But What About Today?

A co-worker’s childcare falls through and is forced to stay home with her kids.  This seems harmless to you at first, but when you begin to look at times to reschedule you realize that the best time to meet was the time that just passed.  So you compromise and squeeze the meeting into your schedule, which in turn effects your family’s schedule, leaving your spouse to readjust.  And the dominoes keep falling.  Your spouse’s readjustment prevents him/her from carpooling the kids back from soccer practice, and so they beg one of the other parents.  That parent reluctantly agrees, but repines the new adjustments they are forced to make.

This is a normal, every day occurrence for so many of us.  Our lives are entangled, it seems, like a ball of fishing line.  Secretly, resentment builds up when this happens because I constantly feel controlled, with my goals and purposes held hostage by the tyranny of the urgent.  For me, this is a big deal.  So when it happens, there are two important practices to remember:

  1. I am in a season of natural busyness.  If I’m given a cushion of time, I need to grab a pillow and enjoy the very temporary rest.  I can’t trick myself into thinking I have extra time.  Saying yes for tomorrow when you have time today spells disaster.
  2. “So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of its own. Today’s trouble is enough for today.” –Matthew 6:34  Yes, today!  What about today?!

For me, taking one day at a time is not simply a self-help tool…it’s an act of faith.  Focusing only on today means that I’m placing tomorrow into God’s hands.  That turns my prayers from “Lord, make time grow” or “Lord, change those people” or “Lord, smite mine schedule” to simply: “Lord, give me faith.”


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