Has humankind really progressed?

Secular Humanism suggests that the cure of the world’s troubles is humanity.  They will point to medical advances and civilized societies as evidence that the world’s troubles are going away because humanity is moving towards this perfect state of being.  And yet I can still read the news and find a world that is reminiscent of more primitive worlds past — Ebola, ISIS, and even the everyday corruption and systematic oppression in our back yard.

Someone once compared the movement of secular humanism to the movement of God’s Kingdom.  Now theologically, there are some major differences.  So much difference that we’re not talking “apples and oranges”…more like apples and garden tools.  But both beliefs talk of a movement and a progression, which leads me to wonder:

Has humankind really progressed or have we just turned a blind eye?

Think about it.  Our solution for savages that take people heads is killer robots.  Vaccines for any number of threatening illnesses don’t seem to protect anyone from cancer.  Serfdom is gone in most countries, but have you heard of red-lining?

I can accept some movement, but I’m not so sure we’re as far along as we think.


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