Bonswa! Koman ou ye? Communications director, Rick Wolcott blogging from Haiti

Why blog when someone on your team does it better!

EOC Communications

Bonswa! Koman ou ye?

For those of you not fluent in Creole (which includes me J), that means “Good evening! How are you?”

I am writing tonight from Cap Haitien, the second-largest city in Haiti. I arrived this afternoon with Rev. Erik Marshall and six of his parishioners from Church of the Saviour (North Coast District) in Cleveland Heights.

Erik taught school in Haiti for three years between college and seminary. Since arriving at Church of the Saviour (COTS) as Pastor of Global and Community Outreach, he has made four trips back to Haiti.

In May when I was asked by Erik to be part of the team for this trip he told me the goal was “to build relationships to assist the ongoing mission of community development in the Dondon area.” Erik explained that, “We no longer work on construction, as many mission trips do, because it takes work…

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