How Do We Deal With Our Pace-of-Life?

After returning from a week long in Haiti, I got mad.  No, not mad at my family…mad at my life.  Mad at this whirlwind-crazy life.  I returned Friday night around midnight and was met with a slew of to-do’s on Saturday.  The day went by with little consideration, little impact, little meaning.

In Haiti it was different.  Meals took longer, so we had to wait around for them to be finished.  Rain shut a whole city down and built in considerable downtime.  Because of the lack of electricity, everything closed at dark.  The pace of life was slower…and wonderful.

One of our interpreters had recently been in the US.  “What was your first reaction?” we asked him.  The answer?  “Everyone in the US is soooo busy,” he told us.  He said it with a smile, but it was an indictment for sure.

How do we escape the rushing rapids of this society?  I really have little answers, but feel its affects.


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