Why So Negative?

“It’ll take 10 ‘attaboy’s’ to make up for one demeaning comment,” Dr. Phil used to say.  Yes, I used to watch Dr. Phil…whatevs.  Our words, to say the least, can be powerfully damaging.

And I have found that sometimes (ok, oftentimes) harping on the negative comes much more naturally than celebrating the positive.  You know what I’m talking about.  How many times have you been able to identify a problem with no clue as to how to solve it?  Or how many times have you allowed that one biting remark cloud out the admiration of many?  Why does the News make more money on the Bad and not the Good?  Why does it seem so easy to focus on the negative?

Perhaps we’re more fragile than we think.  Or maybe the ways the world are deceivingly strong?  Or maybe both.  Either way, it’s only my perception.  I know the positive is there.  The beautiful is there.  Love is there.  God is there.  It’s all there…but will I see it?


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