Does It Even Matter If You Care?

A lot of my friends like to poke fun at one another.  Let just say that some are better than others (me…not so good).  One of my brothers in church reminded me in a passing comment that poking fun isn’t a mark of dislike.  In fact, just the opposite.  They true mark of dislike is disinterest.

And it hurts.

Brene Brown says as much in her book Daring Greatly.  It harms our sense of worthiness and confidence when people give all the signs that they don’t care, or that you’re not worth their time.  Now, we can’t give everyone the time of day; and Brown is clear that this sort of thing is bound to happen.  And so we need to figure out how to be resilient despite our hurt.  Still, I think we all can work on caring a little bit more.

In a sermon Adam Hamilton talks about how he joined a panel of religious leaders to discuss the threat of religious fundamentalism.  He responded by saying that he’s not too concerned about the Christian extremists, because their hate is so contrary to Jesus that it’s bound to reveal itself.  What he is concerned about is religious indifference.

My point in writing this was not to convince you to become a Christian (although we can talk about that).  My point is to challenge you to consider the weight of your attention and care — to people and yes, to God.  You may not think so, but it’s actually a big deal.


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