How Bold Should My Resolutions Be?

Setting New Year’s resolutions is a nice tradition, but for the futuristic optimist like myself…it’s critical.  A quick, sad reflection of the past gets swept under the rug, and then it’s all about the rainbows and unicorns of New Year’s possibilities.  In fact there’s so much investment, I have the compulsion each new year to be a little kind to myself and throw in some softballs.  Example: anytime I use the word ‘continue’ in a resolution.

2015 New Year’s Resolution: Continue being nice to my wife. 🙂

Why not?  I like what I’m doing, it’s proven I can do it, and it eases the pressure a bit.

Resolutions’ bad rep isn’t exactly undeserving.  They fail…a lot.  Researchers have had a lot of fun trying to figure out why, and here seems to be one of the favorites:

Another reason, says Dr. Avya Sharma of the Canadian Obsesity Network, is that people set unrealistic goals and expectations in their resolutions. —Phychology Today

This makes total sense to me, but eliminating a goal because it seems unrealistic feels like coping out.  When it comes to dreams, goals, and resolutions, it’s go big or go home…right?  il_fullxfull.629026288_fnmhWhy would I dream small?  And doesn’t this approach feel like walking on egg shells?  We don’t want to upset our fragile little dreams because failure never helps us, but only makes us depressed and less secure.  But on the other hand, the whole “dream big” mantra IS a bit kitschy.  Any spokes person for taking big risks also seems to have pretty sizable safety nets.

Still, I’m just not comfortable with my life running on fear.  And failure?  Well everybody does it.  In fact most of my personal growth, knowledge, wisdom, etc. has come as a direct result of failure.  That’s not so bad I guess.

So yes, my head may be in the clouds at times and my resolutions a bit out of my league, but I think I’ll be better as a result.  Don’t you?


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